Strategic Marketing Toolkit:
Success Strategies for Hospice

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Strategic Marketing Toolkit for HospiceMoses AltsechHospices offer what people prefer, to be in their homes at the end of life, with family and friends and pain free. 

Clearly hospice programs need to develop more ways to actively reach out to the public so people know about and use hospice care.  It is critical that hospice programs begin or expand their marketing to the community and effectively reach all of those people who could benefit from hospice care.

Some programs have begun to develop marketing programs and have seen success from their efforts.  Other programs have thought about marketing but have not had the tools to begin this effort, and still others have not thought that they need to market as they may be "the only show in town".  In each of these cases there is a need for tools that will aid in the effort to reach more people.

It is out of the recognition of this need that the Strategic Marketing Toolkit was developed.  The Toolkit will assist hospice programs, no matter where they are in developing a marketing plan, with the resources to execute a successful plan.  This toolkit offers a framework for developing a marketing plan and branding strategies by effectively using employees, volunteers and leadership to market a hospice program.  There are practical examples and options to consider in developing a marketing plan.

It is our hope that you will become familiar with this toolkit, share it with your staff and use it with your program.  We believe that effectively using this toolkit will result in your program being able to reach out and serve more patients and families who can benefit from the special care that only hospice provides.

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