HOPE of Wisconsin and Breede River Hospice Partnership - 2013

History of Partnership
  • June 2004 - Foundation of Hospices in Sub-Saharan Africa (FHSSA) provided a Partner Hospice for HOPE of WI*   Breede River Hospice of Robertson, South Africa*   Hospices in Wisconsin      -  Flambeau Hospice of Phillips, WI      -  Ministry Home Care Hospice of Marshfield, WI      -  Franciscan Skemp Hospice of La Crosse, WI      -  Black River Hospice of Black River Falls, WI (left the partnership in 2006)
  • September 2007 - Four representatives from three of the hospices visited Breede River Hospice in South Africa
  • October 2008 - Four staff from Breede River Hospice visited Wisconsin and presented their story at the HOPE of WI Fall Conference
  • May 2011 - Three representatives from Ministry Home Care Hospice Marshfield visited Breede River Hospice in Robertson, South Africa*   October 2011 - developed a scholarship fund to support nursing assistants (carers) to attend nursing school.  Promoted this at the HOPE     of WI Fall Conference*   October 2012 - January 2013 - Promoting and encouraging more hospices to be involved in the Partnership     -  Franciscan Skemp Hospice of La Crosse withdraws from the partnership     -  Flambeau Hospice in Phillips withdraws from the partnership
Acivities during this 9 year partnership
  • Each hospice created fund raising activities to support Breede River Hospice
  • One of the most productive fund raisers is selling 'African Crafts' at various events throughout the state.  These crafts are ordered through Global Crafts and come from South Africa or Kenya.  They are then displayed and sold at:-    Local offices-    Cultural Fairs - Marshfield and Stevens Point-    HOPE of Wiscosnin - conferences
  • Developed scholarship fund for Breede River Hospice staff (carers), who then have the opportunity fo finish their high school education and attend nursing school.
 Breede River Hospice -
  • 1998 - Hospice Association of the Western Cape completed a hospice orientation program to volunteeers, caregivers, and counselors
  • March 1999 - Breede River Hospice accepted its first patient
  • September 1999 - Breede River Hospice was registered as a hospice within South Africa, Section 21 Company-    Board of Directors was elected and space was rented in Robertson to begin operation
  • February 2002 - House purchased in Robertson which they are able to provide space for daycare patients, administration, as well as a training center
  • 2004 - Breede River Hospice was registered as a Center for Palliative Learning (CPL)-    They provide ongoing educational training for palliative care, home-based care, and development of other hospices in the Western Cape
  • Accreditation by COHSASA - The Council for Health Service Accreditation of Southern Africa
  • Member Hospice Palliative Care Association of South Africa

Mission - The Mission of Breede River Hospice is to provide palliative care to all in the Langenberg health sub district and to promote quality palliative care through education, training, mentorship, and supervision in collaboration with networking partners.

Vision - Quality Palliative Care for All


  • Serves rural townships of Robertson, Montagu, Bonnievale, Ashton, and McGregor which is an area of 3500 kilometers
  • Care for 350 patients per month who have cancer, TB, HIV/AIDS, chronic disease such as end stage heart, lung, kidney disease, dementia/Alzheimers, or motor neuron diseases
  • They provide an interdisciplinary team which consists of medical director, professional nurses, social workers, spiritual care, and community care workers, as well as bereavement and volunteer support
  • They manage two second-hand shops which provide income to support their program.  The shops are managed mainly by volunteers.
  • Personnel:-    Professional Team - 9 (nurses, social workers, medical director and spiritual, bereavement)-    Community Care Workers - 23 (carers or nursing assistants)-    Volunteers - 95-    Administration - 4-    Education Department - 2-    Fund-raising - 3-    Charity Shops - 4
  • In 2011 - served 915 patients with 34,943 interventions and 671 family and household members were provided support
  • All services are provided free to the patients and families, but the cost for hospice is approximately 778 Rand/month per patient, which equals approximately $105



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